Costa del Arte Collective goes MINI – come and visit the exhibition MINI CUADROS in Almuñécar in May!

Costa del Arte Collective showing small works in Almuñécar!

The Costa del Arte Collective is quite excited. We are going to have an exhibition in Almuñécar in May – in the Espacio Creativo of Annabel Keatley. The exhibition will be opened on the 3rd of May at 7 pm and can be visited until the 24th of May. Ten international and local artists will show their works, which were specially made for this exicting exhibition. The Minis will be not extend the size of 25×30 cm and you will see 70 mini cuadros in the very cosy space of Espacio Creativo! You are very welcome to join us for the inauguration and every other day! The exhibition will be open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm.
We are pretty sure, that it will be a wonderful exhibition.

Exhibition in Espacio Creativo in Almuñécar in May 2019


The exhibition will be open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm form 3rd of May to 24th of May.

Mini Art Workshops will accompany the exhibition of Mini Cuadros!

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of exclusive workshops held by Annabel Keatley, limited to only three participants for each workshop!

Take your chance to participate in a series of creative workshops. The workshops will be held in the mornings, from 10-12.30 pm with refreshments included.
The classes are designed to combine and connect with each other, with a focus on enjoying the process of making work and learning new techniques. The workshops are as much for beginners as for experienced artists.

To get a more precise description of the Mini Workshops go to
Information Mini Cuadros – Workshops

Some of my Mini Cuadros you can see in Almuňécar




MINI CREATIVE WORKSHOPS IN Espacio Creativo in Almunecar

Mini Workshops held during the exhibition of MINI CUADROS in the Espacio Creativo in Almuñécar

Espacio Creativo is a unique little shop and gallery run by artist Annabel Keatley in the centre of the old town of Almuñécar. It is here where Annabel runs specialised workshops teaching the techniques she herself as an artist uses in her own work. Annabel has a BA Hons in Painting and a Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art in London. She has been living in Andalucia for over 20 years and exhibits in the UK and in Spain. Her last solo show was in Seville in 2018. She is a painter, papermaker and printmaker. Please see more of Annabels work at

Annabel is an expert in all these techniques, with many years experience. She is naturally patient, optimistic and encouraging, always endlessly experimenting and learning in her own studio practise, and she loves teaching and sharing all that she knows.
All materials are included and are of high quality, professional standard.

2019 MiniCuadros – workhops

Time and Prices

The workshops will be held in the mornings, from 10-12.30 am with refreshments included.
The classes are designed to combine and connect with each other, with a focus on enjoying the process of making work and learning new techniques. The workshops are as much for beginners as for experienced artists.

Workshops are 40 Euros, material and a refreshment included,
mixed media techniques are 50 €uro.

Only 3 places available for each workshop! To reserve your place please write an email to

What you will learn in the creative workshops


Creative Handmade Paper Workshop

After a short introduction to Annabel, her work and her shop, she will guide you into making your own handmade paper, which you can later use to make your own hand bound book. Annabel will show you how to embed inclusions of Andalusien petals and leaves and seeds into your paper to make beautiful decorative, plantable and functional papers. Annabel has been making paper for many years from locally collected plant fibres and recycling unwanted paper from her studio.
Monday, 6th of May 

Handmade Fabrication of a Lamp Workshop

Wednesday, 8th of May

Plant Paper Workshop

Friday, 10th of May

Plantable Paper Workshop

Saturday, 11th of May

Creative Bookmaking

This is a 3 hour book making and binding class. In this class we will make a book out of your handmade papers and an open box/folder to protect it. Much of the class is devoted to painting and decorating your hardback book covers and the box/folder. Learn chalk paint decorative effects and choose colour combinations to match your handmade papers from a great variety of paints and decorative papers.

Monday, 13th of May

Printmaking – collagraphy

Experimental printmaking workshop. Collagraphy is a non-toxic environmentally safe form of printmaking with more immediate results than etching. We make a collage or draw and carve a design on a surface, glue and ink it up and print it, running it through the etching press. Beautiful results in just one morning, rich colours and unexpected professional looking one off prints.. Also in this class it is possible to make prints on your own handmade papers. Surprisingly fun, exciting and addictive process!

Wednesday, 15th of May


This is a very popular workshop where we will learn many different techniques and methods of how to use watercolour for both abstract images and landscapes. Learn helpful tips and gain practical knowledge from Annabels many years of experience as a “plein air” watercolour painter.

Friday, 17th of May
Saturday, 18th of May

Mixed Media Painting with Hot Beeswax

Experimenting with colour and texture! Using pure pigments, sand, earth and hot melted beeswax to create richly textured paintings. The technique you will learn is a combination of the ancient art of encaustic painting and traditional oil painting. This is a way of working which everyone can enjoy because it is so versatile and forgiving. There are no mistakes, experimenting and having fun is the most important thing about this workshop!

Monday, 20th of May
Wednesday, 22 of May

Annabel is an expert in all these techniques, with many years experience. She is naturally patient, optimistic and encouraging, always endlessly experimenting and learning in her own studio practise, and she loves teaching and sharing all that she knows.
All materials are included and are of high quality, professional standard.

CdAC goes for a walk! Meet us at the Art Walk Cómpeta!

CdAC goes for a walk

Great events are lying ahead! Two interesting exhibitions in the east of Málaga promise to be very interesting art events.

Visit us at Art Walk Cómpeta!

Four of our members will present their works in the great event of the Art Walk Cómpeta , which will takes place the 20th, 21st and 23rd, 24th of April. Anouk Slegers, Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, Lieuwke Loth and Sally Hirst will be present in different venues of the Art Walk, while Annabel Keatley is preparing the new exhibition  “Mini Cuadros2”.



You will find Anouk Slegers and her art in venue 1, Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel in venue 5, Sally Hirst in venue 10 and 14 and Lieuwke Loth in Galeria Luz de la Vida, venue 12. We will be happy to welcome you!



Exhibition „Mini Cuadros 2“ in Espacio Creativo Almuñécar in May

With the exhibition “Mini Cuadros2”  Annabel Keatley, owner of the gallery, is joining the successful first edition of Mini Cuadros that was held 2017. Mini cuadros 2 is a “second edition”, continuing the theme of showing small works of art. All CdAC members will participate in this show in May.  The exhibition will take place in Almuñécar in Annabel’s gallery „Espacio Creativo“.  A very special add-on for this event: Annabel will offer some Mini Workshops during the time of the exhibition. We will soon publish the itinerary of these exclusive  art  classes. Each class will allow three participants only.


Annabel Keatley announces a series of upcoming workshops!!!!!!

Costa del Arte Collective was asked for workshops several times. So we are happy to share with you the most inspiring creative workshops that our member Annabel Keatley is going to offer in Almuñécar in the coming season! Have a look and have a try ! Enjoy your creativity !

Annabel Keatley and Espacio creativo are pleased to announce a series of upcoming workshops

This summer I have converted my shop into the working space I always wanted it to be, with the idea of teaching small groups of people different techniques. This way each person gets individual attention and can get as much as possible out of the classes and I can use the shop as a studio as well as a shop.

Beginning mid September, I am happy to be offering a variety of workshops on a weekly basis, in the mornings from 9:30am until 11:30am.

The shop will be open as usual 11am-2pm.
On workshop days the opening time will be at 11.30am.

Workshops, or a series of workshops, can be booked
for groups on specific dates, and also purchased as a gift.

Mixed Media Painting

In this workshop I teach my painting technique, which is a mixture of the ancient technique of encaustic, traditional oil painting and mixed media.

We work with oil paint, pure pigments and melted beeswax. Heating the wax, pouring and scrapping into it, mixing it with colour and painting over and under it with all kinds of mediums- oil bars, watercolour inks, pencil, charcoal and oil paint.

We will also use plaster to embed textures and use the beeswax like glue, binding inclusions into the work with heat and mixing it with all sorts of organic matter like leaves, sand and earth.

This workshop is very experimental and spontaneous, with many unexpected results, a fun approach to painting, and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced painters.

All materials provided.
From 9.30am-11.30am in Espacio Creativo
Price: 50 euros


In this class we will make beautiful paper by recycling unwanted paper,
adding texture and interest from previously prepared locally gathered plant fibres (like banana, esparto and avocado). We will use fresh leaves and petals as inclusions, as well as other things.

You will master the whole technique and make your own papers to take home.

Demonstrations and experimentation with embossing, embedding, sandwiching and adding colour and texture.

Participants who would like to make an artists book can make paper in this class and make their book in the following class.

All materials provided.
Price (1 class): 40 euros
With book making class: 75 euros
9.30am-11.30am in Espacio Creativo


This class will teach the basics and advanced techniques of painting with watercolour alongside encouraging a spontaneous use of colour and expressing what you feel and love about your choosen subject, rather than copying what is infront of you.

I began using watercolour in sketch books to record colours whilst traveling.I do not follow traditional rules or techniques whilst using watercolour and will also teach you my method.

Through a mixture of going out and sketching in Almuñécar and studio work we should get some great results and have fun making a lot of work with all that beautiful intense fluid colour.

All materials provided. Professional quality. Welcome to bring your own paints.
Price: 40 euros
9.30am-11.30am in Espacio Creativo

Papermaking and bookbinding
(2 classes)

A creative and practical workshop combining papermaking and bookmaking.

We will make paper with the idea of making a book with it or including it in a handmade book in the second workshop.

We will make sheets of paper from recycled paper and cotton, adding fibres such as banana, avocado and esparto to give the paper interest. Learn how to add inclusions of leaves and petals, as well as embossing and sandwiching effects to create texture and pleasing qualities.

During the first workshop we will discuss what kind of book you would like to make- fold out, zig zag, hand bound or loose leaf in a box (which you will make)

2 classes 9.30am-11.30am
Price for 1 class: 40 euros
Price for 2 classes: 75 euros
All materials provided.

Collage and Monoprint

Explore and combine a variety of collage techniques using found objects, a multitude of papers (handmade, patterned, found, stained, plant) fabrics and organic materials (sands, carborundum, leaves and fibres) to make works of art.
We will melt beeswax and use glues to assemble your works. Prepare your own papers- painting and drawing encouraged.

Printmaking techniques such as collagraph will be taught.
Monoprinting is an intuitive and very immediate method of making an image with line and colour which cannot be repeated and has the unique qualities of a print.

This is an inspiring multi media workshop which will be held over 2 days.
2 classes 9.30am-11.30am
Price for 1 class: 40 euros
Price for 2 classes : 75 euros
All materials supplied.
Beginners welcome.


Link to Map here 

Where will the workshops be held?
They will be held in my shop, Espacio Creativo, Calle Baja del Mar 14, Almunecar from 9:30am to 11:30am

What should I bring?
I will supply all necessary materials, which will be artist quality. It is advised that you wear comfortable old clothes or bring an apron.

Is booking in advance necessary, or can I just pop into classes?
Booking in advance is required, and payment in advance is necessary to secure your place.
Book soon! Limited to only 3 people per workshop.

Do I need to have basic artistic knowledge? Can someone experienced benefit from these classes?
All workshops are appropriate for both beginners and professional artists. They will be small classes, so each person will be given personal attention in relation to their needs.

How are the workshops scheduled?
The workshops will run from September to December.
Please see calender.

Help! I can’t come on those dates/times…
Please let me know and l can arrange a different date and time for you.

How are the workshops priced?
Workshops are 40 euros inclusive of all materials, which will be high quality.
Mixed Media Painting: 50 euros

Book your workshop or ask your questions here: 

Ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

The delightful exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida will end with a Finissage on Sunday the 16.09.18! Treat yourself to a great day out in Cómpeta! We have put together some very pleasant events for you!

All details about the Gallery at the bottom of the page.

The lively white village of Cómpeta and the nature park

Visit the lively white village of Cómpeta – a great village in the mountains, 16 km up from the coast –  situated at the foot of the nature park “Sierra de Almijara”.  If you like adventure, drive up the dirt road to the nature park and enjoy breath taking views and a breathtaking road!

A tasty 4 course Lunch at the Finca las Sierras

If you like to have a great lunch, reserve a place and enjoy the culinary delights of a 4 course menu at the Finca las Sierras. The Finca treats you to a wonderful surrounding, the tasty food of the Chef, the live music of Duo Masque and great views. Get in touch with some art works by members of the  Costa del Arte Collective, which are exhibited at the Finca. Get to know the artists, talk privately with Lieuwke Loth and Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, who will be present.

Chill out at the Finissage at 6 pm in the Gallery. Enjoy

Be part of the Finissage of the art exhibition in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida  with music and drinks. You will enjoy the cooling and relaxing atmosphere of the authentic and characteristic  Spanish building of the Galeria. You will be delighted by the light-hearted and joyful exhibition of the Costa del Arte Collective. You will find fascinating bronze and steel sculptures by Lieuwke Loth, surreal paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters by Anouk Slegers, very tactile abstract landscapes painted on canvas with oil, beeswax and sand by Annabel Keatley and vibrant, colourful abstract – expressionist paintings by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Ask Annabel Keatley how she is creating her most beautiful artwork with such interesting ingredients like beeswax and sand.

Browse through the Gallery and be ready to be surprised by the treasures there! Maybe you will already find the first Christmas present! Sit in the sculpture garden  and enjoy the music of Duo Masque, get to know new people and chat! We are open at 5 pm!
Drive home happily and safely after a great day out!

2018-09 Plakat für Finissage Entwurf 1a


Galeria Luz de la Vida  ad leaflet art walk 2018
Laberinto bajo 15
+34 722539488
Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. Saturday afternoon closed.

Just sneak in, we may also be open at other times 🙂