4th International Art Symposium LUZ in Cómpeta, 13– 20 October 2018

Lieuwke Loth, member of the Costa del Arte Collective and her Galeria Luz de la Vida are organising a vibrant dynamic art event in Cómpeta! This will be a great event to visit for you, with fantastic artists from many countries and a very interesting program for the visitors!!!

The Artists and the Symposium

10  talented professional artists travel from different countries to the picturesque mountain village of Cómpeta, Málaga, Spain for the 4th International Art Symposium LUZ. They come from Poland, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Japan, Cyprus and Albanie. While they come from different artistic backgrounds and speak different languages, each artist makes the journey to Cómpeta to share  this exciting new experience with his fellow artists.

The concept of the symposium is to create, for a week, an environment where professional artists from all over the world can meet to exchange knowledge, techniques and ideas related to their chosen profession. It provides new connections and networks. The beautiful Spanish village Competa and the impressive nature of the natural park will definitly be inspiring for the artists! Some of them have never been in Spain.

Take part in this great event!

The symposium is a public event using a location in the natural park where local people and art-lovers will be able to experience artists creating their own particular style in real time.

The visitor will be given a good insight into the daily work of a diverse collection of artists. Two times in the week there is a special offer of  lunch and music in the Natural park. At the end of the week, Saturday 20th of October, all art works will be exhibited in the Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta!

There are many events prepared for the visitors: Good food, art of high quality, jazzy live music, beautiful views and a relaxing ambience are assured for art lovers coming up to the beautiful village of Cómpeta!

Program for the visitors

Saturday the 13th of October at 12pm The International artists will introduce themselves in the gallery Luz de la Vida in Competa.
They will show pictures of their work and talk about their career as artists. Free admission.

Tuesday the 16th of October 11am – 5pm You can do a nice excursion to the natural park, 20 minutes drive from Competa. Enjoy loungy live music and see the artists-at-work. A tasty Thai lunch menu ‘Aloi’ will be offered from 2- 4pm. (20,00 p/p bookings: margal@me.com). Shuttle-service can be arranged. For the location see the map.

Thursday 18th of October 11am – 5pm You can do a nice excursion to the natural park, 20 minutes drive from Competa. See the artists-at-work. A tasty Indonesian Lunch menu will be offered 2-4pm from 2- 4pm. (17,50 p/p bookings: margal@me.com).

Saturday the 20th of October at 12pm Inauguration & celebration of the Symposium LUZ Art Exhibition in galeria Luz de la Vida! Artists are present.

Saturday the 20th of October 2 – 5pm A tasty lunch buffet at Finca Las Sierras accompanied by jazzy live music and a meet & greet with the artists.
(bookings 22,50 p/p bookings: 0034-603430559/ info@fincalassierras.com)



From Saturday 20th on the exhibition will run till the end of November.

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For more information you can email: info@lieuwkeloth.nl

Ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

The delightful exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida will end with a Finissage on Sunday the 16.09.18! Treat yourself to a great day out in Cómpeta! We have put together some very pleasant events for you!

All details about the Gallery at the bottom of the page.

The lively white village of Cómpeta and the nature park

Visit the lively white village of Cómpeta – a great village in the mountains, 16 km up from the coast –  situated at the foot of the nature park “Sierra de Almijara”.  If you like adventure, drive up the dirt road to the nature park and enjoy breath taking views and a breathtaking road!

A tasty 4 course Lunch at the Finca las Sierras

If you like to have a great lunch, reserve a place and enjoy the culinary delights of a 4 course menu at the Finca las Sierras. The Finca treats you to a wonderful surrounding, the tasty food of the Chef, the live music of Duo Masque and great views. Get in touch with some art works by members of the  Costa del Arte Collective, which are exhibited at the Finca. Get to know the artists, talk privately with Lieuwke Loth and Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, who will be present.

Chill out at the Finissage at 6 pm in the Gallery. Enjoy

Be part of the Finissage of the art exhibition in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida  with music and drinks. You will enjoy the cooling and relaxing atmosphere of the authentic and characteristic  Spanish building of the Galeria. You will be delighted by the light-hearted and joyful exhibition of the Costa del Arte Collective. You will find fascinating bronze and steel sculptures by Lieuwke Loth, surreal paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters by Anouk Slegers, very tactile abstract landscapes painted on canvas with oil, beeswax and sand by Annabel Keatley and vibrant, colourful abstract – expressionist paintings by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Ask Annabel Keatley how she is creating her most beautiful artwork with such interesting ingredients like beeswax and sand.

Browse through the Gallery and be ready to be surprised by the treasures there! Maybe you will already find the first Christmas present! Sit in the sculpture garden  and enjoy the music of Duo Masque, get to know new people and chat! We are open at 5 pm!
Drive home happily and safely after a great day out!

2018-09 Plakat für Finissage Entwurf 1a


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Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. Saturday afternoon closed.

Just sneak in, we may also be open at other times 🙂