Costa del Arte Collective

is a collective of professional international artists who partly live  in the Costa del Sol area. The members of the collective are connected with each other as colleagues and active entrepreneurs. By collaborating they empower and inspire each other. With grace, enthusiasm, and talent they bring their art out in the world. They formed the group to organise art exhibitions of high quality in the Costa del Sol region. Follow them on Instagram, on Facebook and on this website!

Exhibition canceled due to actual circumstances!We re-scheduled it to late October. Lets keep our fingers crossed!If you want to be informed about events leave your email address here. One of the newsletter of our members will informe you about upcoming events!

sun&shade 04/ 2020

logo CdAC&Galleryartclub

Read more about our members here:

Members of Costa del Arte Collective

Annabel Keatley
Anouk Slegers
Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel
Lieuwke Loth
Sally Hirst




2 thoughts on “Costa del Arte Collective

    1. Elizabeth, sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately we had to cancel the exhibition due to the pandemic. We hope to have the show in late October! Join to follow this website and you will be informed in time! Kind regards from Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel and the Costa del Arte Collective!

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